Eco-Friendly Early Spring Cleaning (Part 1)

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I wanted to get an early start on Spring cleaning this year. A few days ago I began cleaning and organizing a stack of boxes removed from a storage unit early last year. When I brought them home I didn’t have time to properly sift through the boxes and decide what to keep or discard. Almost all the boxes where filled with school papers and notebooks. Some going back as far as grade school.

I quickly decided I no longer needed to keep any of these items so I set out to dispose of everything properly. Almost everything was paper so I could dispose of it via my city’s curbside recycling program. I needed to shred any documents with personal information on them. Back in my college days our student ID# was our SSN and on most assignments. I wanted to shred any documents with that information on it. This slowed the process down since I had to glance at all the papers and decide if I needed to shred it, instead of tossing stacks into the recycle pile.

Loose papers like tests where easy compared to the hundreds of pages of notes and other items in the multi-subject spiral notebooks. I don’t have a method of recycling the notebooks as a whole so I needed to remove all the pages I wanted to recycle. This was the most time consuming task of the whole project. Once I finished all that was left was a few empty spiral notebooks that I need to find a way to properly dispose of, and a handful of old cardboard boxes that are easily recycled. Unfortunately, they are not in good enough condition to reuse.

It took a few days, but now I’ve freed up some valuable floor space previously taken up by useless items and I did it without simply dumping it all in the garbage. I consider that a win.

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